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The Story of Biosan's Founder

 (Photographed in Biosan Reishi Base on June 28, 2015)
Ms Xingli Wang, Microbiologist, Chinese Australian, Founder of Biosan Biotech Co. Ltd., Linan Quality mushroom Co. Ltd. and Qingyuan Oriental Medicinal Mushroom Center, Co-founder of Australia Highland Medicinal Mushroom Co. Ltd., has been working on mushroom research, cultivation and processing for over 30 years.
Ms Xingli Wang was born in Qingyuan ( Zhejiang province, China),  the hometown of Shiitake mushroom in the world. Xingli learned how to pick up the edible mushroom in the wild from her father and loves mushrooms very much since her childhood. In 1987, she was enrolled by Zhejiang University with excellent records and majored in biology. After graduation with BS in biology, she chose to work at Qingyuan Edible Mushroom Institute and studied mushroom cultivation and processing in 1991.
(Photographed in Hongkong on Aug 26, 1993, left 1 Xingli, left 3 Prof. S.T. Chang)
In the Institute, Xingli was the only researcher knowing English. In 1993, Xingli was invited by Professor Shu-Ting Chang of Hong Kong University to attend the 1st International Conference On Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products. Hereafter, Xingli attended a lot of mushroom conferences and knew some famous mushroom experts, such as Professor Jan Lelley of Germany Applied Mycology and Environmental Studies Inc., Professor Daniel J Royseof Pennsylvania State University, Mr Greg Seymour, Chairman of International Society for Mushroom Science, etc. These experts gave Xingli a lot of good ideas and help for her business.
 (Pupils took pictures with Mr Greg and Xingli on Nov. 11, 2019)
In 2002, Xingli founded Qingyuan Oriental Medicinal Mushroom Center and endeavoured to realize her mushroom health dream.

To distinguish from conventional mushrooms and get more value, Xingli set up an organic mushroom farm for reishi, shiitake and maitake. It was the earliest organic mushroom farm with the certifications of US organic and EU organic in China. All Xingli’s organic mushrooms were sold to America, Germany and Australia.

LI-SUN Exotic Mushroom was Xingli’s customer of organic dried mushrooms in Australia. With the invitation of Dr Noel Arrold, the founder of the company and the former president of the Australian Mushroom Association, Xingli worked to be the technical director of the company from 2005 to 2007 and still ran her business in China. In 2007, Xingli got citizenship in Australia, Dr Noel Arrold and Xingli co-founded Highland Medicinal Mushroom ( in Sydney. This company focused on selling organic mushroom powder and extract in Australia. To facilitate the mushroom export, Xingli returned to China and set up Linan Quality Mushroom Co. Ltd ( in August 2007.

( Dr. Noel Arrond and Xingli celebrated the cooperation in Sydney on April 20, 2007)
All the kinds of organic mushroom extracts exported from Linan Quality Mushroom Co., Ltd. were deeply welcomed by foreign customers. Mushroom Science, the US famous medicinal mushroom company, started to buy Xingli’s mushroom extracts in 2007 until now. In 2009, Mushroom Science’s product successfully entered the hospitals of the American Cancer Treatment Center in Seattle. The centre selected 50 samples from 20 mushroom extract suppliers around the world for clinical testing. The final test results showed that the mushroom extract provided by Mushroom Science met their requirements and this company’s mushroom extract was supplied by Linan Quality Mushroom Co., Ltd. of Xingli. Soon, more and more orders came to Linan Quality Mushroom and the renting facility could not meet the ordering requirement.
(Xingli met with Mushroom Science representatives in Anaheim on March 7, 2019)
In 2012, Xingli founded Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co. Ltd. (Biosan) to produce mushroom powder, extract and mushroom food supplements in Lishui. Lishui was the first eco-friendly city and major mushroom cultivation area in China and was also regarded as “the Green Valley” because of its excellent ecological environment. Biosan was the professional and largest mushroom extract company in China with state-of-art facilities and technology in mushroom processing. Biosan occupied land of 2 hectares with a construction area of 26,500 square meters, including 1650 square meters of GMP standard workshop. Biosan keeps increasing the capacity. The annual production capacity was over 200 tons of mushroom extracts and 600 tons of mushroom powders in 2021.
 (Xingli founded Biosan Biotech Co. Ltd. in September 2012)
Xingli always keeps the philosophy that quality is life. All the mushroom ingredients and finished products of Biosan ( or Linan Quality Mushroom for our old customers) are the best in quality, some of Biosan’s mushroom extracts are quality with no competitor in the world. The high quality of Biosan’s mushroom products was dependent on Xingli’s strict quality control and innovative technology. Biosan has the whole industry quality management system from land to mouth, and the product quality was also guaranteed by the patented technology of membrane separation to remove heavy metals and inactive small molecules in extraction. The patented technology was invented by Xingli, and it is the best way to make 100% pure and highly-concentrated mushroom extracts.
Xingli led to making the industrial standards of Maitake extract, Lion’s mane extract and the shell-broken Reishi spore powder in China. Biosan’s mushroom powder and the extract were sold around the world. Biosan was regarded as the benchmarking manufacturer of high-quality mushroom extracts and powders in the industry. The growing of Biosan made Xingli’s mushroom health dream come true, but she had a higher standard for Biosan. She expects Biosan to be the world leader in the production of mushroom innovative ingredients. Xingli has been cooperating with some famous universities and hospitals to increase old people’s body muscles and anti-virus. She hopes that Biosan’s mushroom can bring a happy life for world people with longevity and prosperity.

 (Guests from Switzerland and Germany visited Biosan Base on April 25, 2017)
Xingli’s contribution to mushrooms was recognized by industrial experts and local officials. Professor Yu Li, Chairman of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms, praised her to be the leading person in China's mushroom industry. Yangtze River Delta Health Alliance gave Xingli the outstanding contribution award. Lishui municipal government awarded Xingli with the title of “the Green Valley Elite Talents” and “the 1st-grade foreign expert”.
  (Photographed in Biosan Lion’s mane Base on April 2, 2021)
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