EC Organic Officials Visited Our Company For Routine Observation

On December 3-5, 2014, Mr. Hermann Wiemker and Mr. Holger Kutschke of German Federal Office for A&F, Mr. Wolfgang Broszat of BCS German headquarter and Vice President Mr. Bin Qiushi of BCS China came to our organic mushroom farm for routine observation. Our President Wang Xingli accompanied the guests to our mushroom base in Qingyuan county, Zhejiang province, and introduced the production process, the cultivation and management of our organic mushrooms in details.

  Mr. Wiemker and his entourage came to organic mushroom cultivating bases at Da kengao and Wu zhai and organic rice planting bases at Xiaji. They not only did a field survey about the raw materials, the circumstances and the storage environment of our edible mushroom, but also checked the agricultural records, product storage records and so on. Mr. Wiemker concluded that we had the ideal lands with great natural environment for organic products and our hard-working workers guaranteed the quality for every batch of organic mushroom. He appreciated our hospitality and considerate arrangement and looked forward to investigate our new factory and wild organic mushroom areas. At the same time Mr. Wiemker invited our company to attend the BIOTECH Convention in Nuremberg in the future to enhance the communication and cooperation with international counterparts so that we can expand the international market of our products.

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