Vice-Mayor Chen Jingfei Visits Our Company

Mr. Chen Jingfei, the vice mayor of Lishui city, Zhejiang province, took the related departments’ heads of Lishui Economic Development Zone to visit our company on Mar.24th 2015. Mayor Chen and his entourage did field investigation to acquaint the mushroom extract production line and biomedical industry incubator construction. Our company’s President Ms. Wang Xingli and CTO Mr. Qiu Hongwei introduced the progress of mushroom extract line and biomedical incubator projects. Vice-Mayor Chen held on-site working meeting to solve the current problems and difficulties in our projects.

The heads of Economic Development Bureau, Construction Planning Bureau, Finance Bureau, Merchants Bureau, and Nantou Investment Company gave us some advice about enterprise financing, incubator decoration, real estate transaction, road planting, talent apartment, public transportation and many other aspects. Combining with problems and advice from all the departments, Vice-Mayor Chen concluded that constructing industrial service platform is for implementing to promote “mass entrepreneurship innovation” of the Central Committee, which is also the action to carry out the city government policy to optimize the entrepreneurial environment. He required all departments to pay highly attention to entrepreneurial development and incubator construction and demanded them respectively to solve these problems as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Mayor Chen pointed out that for industrial transition and cultivating emerging industries like biomedicine, Lishui Development Zone must make top-level design, coordination enhancement, mechanism innovation, resource integration, function optimization and service improvement. Vice-Mayor Chen organized to establish constructing and leading group that should identify main responsibility, push the construction of incubator, accelerator and industry development policy environment for emerging industry development platform on site.

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