Our Products Drew Much Attentions in “2015 Supplyside West”

“2015 Supplyside West” was held from Nov.5th to 9th in Las Vegas and it was the forth time for our company to participated in it. This time, our mushroom extracts, ganoderma lucidum spore powder, mushroom granules and dried mushroom products have drawn much attentions. GNC, Amway, ADM and many professional health product company from Canada, Italy, France, Columbia and so on showed big interests to our mushroom extract products. They hopewe can provide high quality organic mushroom extract product under long term cooperation. The California press chose our company to make the special topic shot and tasted 5 kinds of products include ganoderma lucidum spore, reishi extract, hericium erinaceus extract and tremella fuciformis extract. Mushroom Science company,  One of 0ur major customer in US, has developed many mushroom products by using our mushroom extract .We found 7kinds of products of Mushroom Science in The Whole Food Market in Las Vegas.

“Supplyside West” is the biggest exhibition of natural product, health product, nutrition product and cosmetics in the world and it is held in Las Vegas in October every year, and attractsmany prominent health product manufacturing enterprises, distributors, research and development institutions and governmental agencies all over the world. It includes product display, product release, science forum, special workshops and so on. 2015 Supplyside West set up almost 2000 booths, about 20,000 people attended it. The exhibitors not only include the famous international company like BASF, DSM and DuPont, but also include some food and drug supervision department like FDA.The distinct characteristics of the exhibitionis new type of natural health product absorbs much attentions, traditional health food production technology continues to improve, the consumption trends is transforming from nutritional supplements to regulate the body function. We can find from this exhibition that edible mushroom has been accepted to bea good immune regulator and become one of the important directions for health products in future.

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