Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Inspected our GMP Workshop On-site

On Sep.29th, 2015, the inspection team which organized by Section Chief Liu Liansen of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration, Section Chen Yu and Teacher Ye Yongmei of Lishui Market supervision and Administration Bureauconducted on-site reviewof our GMP workshop. The inspection team listened to President Wang Xingli and General Manager QiuHongwei about the general situation of our company and checked the ganoderma lucidum spore powder production process, mushroom extract production workshop, pure water workshop, air purification and disinfection system, analysis laboratory, etc.

In accordance with the requirements of health food production standards, they examined and verified the management system , production batch records, analysis of test data, equipment validation data, etc. of our company. At the same time, they communicated with  the company's technical personnel about production engineering, key technology and other aspects. Through the joint research, the inspection team formed the opinion to our GMP workshop and Section Chief Liu Liansen provide the feedback to our main staffs at the meeting. They thought that our company paid high attention to this review, the works were well-organized and well-prepared. The GMP workshops is built according to the high standard with scientific layout and advanced equipments. Our company has a number of outstanding talents with pharmaceutical companies work experienceand it is prominent in the health food production enterprises.Inspection team hopesthat our company can strengthen the skills training of employees, pay attention to the safety consciousness of fire prevention, increase product market development, so that the company can become the model enterprise for the production of health food in Lishui.

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