Quality Mushroom Became a Magnet in the 36th annual Natural Products Expo West

The 36th annual Natural Products Expo West was held March 9 -13 at Anaheim Convention Center of California. Quality Mushroom took part in this expo again after 2013, which was the only company with the own mushroom farms, processing factory and product’s export qualification in the mushroom business. Our highly-qualified reishi wall-broken spore powder, mushroom polysaccharides granules as well as many kinds of mushroom extracts and mushroom powders were showed in the Expo. Our variety of mushroom products with organic certification and advanced production technology attracted many wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Our product samples, introduction materials and brochures were soon distributed, and the daily page view of our company’s website increased quickly. At this expo, not only regular clients gave a high praise of our products, but also many new clients expressed their intentions to order our products.

Quality Mushroom has attended international natural products and food ingredient exhibitions 2-3 times each year since 2009. We continually showed our mushroom products and introduced the functions of edible and medicinal mushroom in health. With our efforts, more and more consumers know mushroom’s benefit and begin to take mushroom extracts as food supplement. Currently, mushroom healthful product is becoming the new developing orientation of the international functional food. Our company will comply with the development trend, and make great efforts to become the leader of high quality mushroom health products in the world.

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