Our Products Enter into Israeli Market

Our Company welcomed the first customer from Israel during May.4 to 7. He came to visit our edible mushroom processing factory in Lishui and organic mushroom farm at Qingyuan and Longquan County, and discussed with Our President Wang Xingli and the major engineers about the mushroom process technology, quality control and clinic application study in details. He was deeply impressed with our high quality ingredient, advanced production facility and rigorous quality control system, and bought our hericium erinaceus solid drink and reishi spore powder products on the spot. He will use our final products for the treatment of the patients in his hospital. The customer also ordered our different mushroom extract products, he thought the combination of different mushroom extracts would be more effective than the single mushroom extract. For the treatment of cancer patients. He said that he would give the feedback about the proceeding of the clinical application.

The Israeli customer is a famous cancer expert and focuses on the mushroom extract clinical study for cancer treatment over a long period of time. At the 36th annual Natural Products Expo West, he asked for many samples from different companies and sent to the official organization for the test, and the test results showed that the mushroom extracts from Lin An Quality Mushroom Co Ltd. are the best. He was not only like our mushroom products, but also like the beautiful environment and old local culture, he would like to visit us again and set up a long time cooperation with us.


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