We Launched Products Development Cooperation with Israel

On Nov. 12th, 2016, our proprietary company- Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd. made the cooperative agreement about clinical research and market development with Israel Rambam Medical Research Center. Rambam’s vice president, Mr. Amir Perelman and our CEO Wang Xingli signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. Professor Lin Zhibin, the chairman of International Ganoderma lucidum Research Association  attended the signing ceremony. On one hand, both of us will bring our own superiority into full play to carry out the clinical research of the Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken spore powder, Hericium erinaceus extract, Grifola frondosa extract and other series mushroom products which aimed at the chronic disease like tumor, stomach trouble and diabetes in Israel. On the other hand, we will dedicate to promote Israeli Health Ministry to approve our edible and medicinal mushroom products sold in Israel hospital.

After the signing ceremony, our CEO Wang kept Mr. Perelman company to visit our organic Hericium erinaceus base and organic Tremella fuciformis base. Mr. Perelman showed his big interests in the growing Hericium erinaceus and Tremella fuciformis since it was his first time to saw them. He took masses of photos and expressed his will of propaganda to let Israelites know the functions of them. This is the second visit of Mr. Perelman to our company, and it marks the officially launch of the long-term and deep cooperation between Rambam Medical Research Center and our company.

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