Our Reishi wall-broken spore powder received favorable comment in Natural Products Expo West 2017


On March 10-12, 2017, the 37th Natural Products Expo West was held in Anaheim exhibition & convention center of California, Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd. joined the exhibition with our  Reishi wall-broken spore powder and other mushroom nutritional and healthy food, and get the favorable comment by the US and European counterparts. The chairman of the Chinese nutrition society, professor Yang Yuexin , and the commercial counselor of Chinese consulate general of Los Angeles, Mr Liu Haiyan went to visit our booth at the same time.

During this exhibition, all our the products, including primary mushroom raw materials and precisely manufactured nutritional & functional health food were displayed. US and European customers spoke highly on our whole process organic quality control from the raw material base to preparation processing, as well as our whole process scientific data validation from technology innovation to clinical study. The customers visited our after another, and were deeply interest in our Reishi Wall-broken Spore Powder, Hericium erinaceus extract solid drink and other mushroom extracts.

Us and European customers taste our broken Ganoderma lucidum spore powder

Many customers had a taste of the Reishi wall-broken spore powder and mushroom solid drink in our booth, the natural flavor of our products got their praise. A British customer, working on mushroom health products since 1992, tasted our Reishi wall-broken spore powder, and said our Reishi wall-broken spore powder had pure taste, and the quality is better than the other products he used to purchase. He expressed his intention to buy and decided to visit our company in China next month.

Another US customers, purchased a certain amount of Reishi wall-broken spore powder after he carefully tasted this product. He will add the Reishi wall-broken spore powder to his chocolate product formula.

During the exhibition, The chairman of the Chinese nutrition society professor Yang Yuexin , and the commercial counselor of Chinese consulate general of Los Angeles, Mr Liu Haiyan, came to our boothfor exchange, respectively. Professor Yang Yuexin thought our mushroom health products were not only combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine & edible products, but also adopted the modern advanced biotechnology for precision manufacture, they had rich nutritional value and health function, and conformed to the development direction of world’s natural health products, our company is worth of learning by other nutrition health industry enterprises in China.

The chairman of the Chinese nutrition society professor Yang Yuexin

Counselor Liu Haiyan thought the whole organic process chain and high quality mushroom health products in our company conformed to the developing direction of the current US health product market, the market prospect will be very broad in the United States in future.

The commercial counselor of Chinese consulate general of Los Angeles, Mr Liu Haiyan

Through the communication with the customers in this exhibition, we found that mushroom products in the health products were favored by more and more customers in this exhibition, it has become a new direction for the development of functional health products in global market. At the same time, guests payed more attention to the quality of the mushroom products. With the product traceability verification and testing methods of adulteration being improved, the high quality products will gradually become the mainstream in global market. Our products will have greater competitive in the market with the philosophy of “Quality is our life”.

The Natural Products Expo West has a history of 37 years, it is divided into East and West exhibition, and it is the only exhibition that you can see to both raw ingredients and the terminal products in the world. Every year, it attracted the people from United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to negotiating and communication. It had been listed as one of the top 50 high visibility and growth potential Exhibition in  USA. In this year’s exhibition, it attracted more than 3000 exhibitors and participants reached more than one hundred thousand people, the highest for the over years.



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