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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Mushroom is becoming an international hotspot in the current health product application and development. In order to exchange the progress of mushroom science and clinic research and promote the high quality mushroom products' application, Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd - The Zhejiang University Alumna enterprise will hold the mushroom science application workshop in Shanghai on April 21, 2019. Welcome everyone to join the workshop.


Date: April 21,2019

Address: No.36, Sofa garden, Lane 1285, Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai,China.


Guest speakers


Doctor of Medicine,Professor, Chief Physician.

Chief Physician of internal medicine department in Huashan Sub-Hospital of Fudan University.

Recipient of Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University.

Technology new star of General logistics department of the PLA. 

Recipient of Young Excellent Physician Award from WCOG.

Mrs.Ge Sheng

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Chief Physician.

Director of the nutrition department in Shanghai No.6 People Hospital.

Vice director of Chinese medical Association Physician Nutrition Professional Committee.

Director of committee in diabetes nutrition branch of Chinese Nutrition Society.

Member of experts group in the clinical nutrition quality control center Shanghai Municipal

Commission of Health and Family Planning.

Doctor of Medicine,Professor, Chief Physician.

Ph.D supervisor in  basic medicine of Fudan University. 

Director of metabolic bone disease department in Huadong hospital of Fudan


Director-designate members in osteoporosis specialist branch of Shanghai

Medical Association.


Doctor of Science, Researcher, Ph.D supervisor.

Researcher of Shanghai Center For Bio-information Technology.

Researcher in Bio-information center of Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS.

Researcher of Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, CAS. 

Member of biology and medical field experts group in National High-tech R&D Program.

Mr.Qiu Hongwei

Researcher of China Biotechnology Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology
of the People's Republic of China.

President & Professor, MS in Biochemical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Committee member of Chinese Society of Nutritional Oncology.

Vice-President of  the Mushroom Association of Zhejiang Province.

BS in Bioengineering of Zhejiang University, Founder of Zhejiang Biosan
Biotech. Co., Ltd

CTO of the Li-Sun Exotic Mushroom in Australia. 

Project Director of International Cooperation Program of Mushroom Food Quality Control 
and China National R&D Program on Mushroom Process Technology & Industrialization.

Member of high tech committee of experts in Lishui.

Special guests

Mrs. Lu Mingli

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Ph.D.supervisor from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.


Doctor of Medicine,Researcher,Ph.D.supervisor.

Director of reproductive genetics Department in the International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China

welfare institute of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Mr.Lin Yong

Clinical laboratory vice director of Huashan Sub-Hospital of Fudan University.

Clinical laboratory director of Jing'an Central Hospital.
 Mr.Zhao Liming

Doctor of engineering,Professor,Ph.D.supervisor.

Director of the R&D Center of Separation and Extraction Technology in Fermentation Industry.



About Biosan

Biosan Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise which has been specialized in planting, processing and marketing of organic mushroom for more than 17 years. Biosan was registered in the first national eco-friendly city, "national hometown of longevity"-Lishui ecological industry agglomeration area, Zhejiang Province. Biosan is a ecological enterprise and the vice board member of Z-park Nutrition and Health Promotion Industrial Technology Alliance, board member of Chinese medical integration alliance, vice president member of Zhejiang mushroom association.



Biosan devotes to the development and utilization of medical values of medicinal mushrooms through the advanced technology, and produces medicinal foods for the patients with chronic diseases and the functional food for people. Biosan has set up standard mushroom cultivation base and modern factory and modern factory with the state-of-the-art facilities. Biosan passed SC national food production license and HACCP certification. Biosan’s mushroom products have been certified as organic quality with NOP(USDA),EEC(Europe) and China standards by KIWA BCS as well as Kosher certification.



Biosan supplies more than 30 kinds of pure mushroom extracts, mushroom powders, mushroom granules and mushroom functional foods in the international market and domestic market. Biosan’s products- Reishi broken spore, maitake solid drink, Lion’s mane solid drink with brand Lvgumingzhu and natural vitamin K2 capsule gain widely good appraisal by customers.

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