The Enterprise Workshop on the Health Food Filing Management was held in Biosan

In order to understand the firms’ opinions and suggestions about the health food filing management, the Special Food Registration Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation organized the Enterprise workshop on the health food filing management in Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd on May 16, 2019. The officials from the Special Food Registration Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Health Food Evaluation Center, several provincial (municipal) market regulation bureaus of the East China, and representatives of five companies from Lishui city attended the workshop. Mr. Haiguo Xia, director of the Lishui Municipal Market Regulation Bureau, presided over the workshop.

Ms. Xingli Wang, CEO of Biosan, briefly introduced the current status of Lishui’s mushroom industry and Biosan’s organic mushroom base construction and product development to Mr. Jinjing Zhang, the Commissioner of the State Administration for Market Regulation. At the workshop, Prof. Hongwei Qiu, the president of Biosan, briefly introduced the trend of mushroom products in the international market and the prospect of Ganoderma lucidum, Grifolafrondosa, Hericiumerinaceus, etc. as the health food ingredients, and he also pointed out some health food issues in the product standards, the testing methods, the review mechanisms, the media publicity and special medical food management. Subsequently, representatives from the other enterprises also express their opinions and suggestions.

Mr. Jinjing Zhang answered the relevant questions raised by the enterprises on the registration and filing management of health food after listening to the speeches of the representatives from the participating enterprises, and expressed the needs to further increase scientific researches on health food and strengthen the innovation on the health food management system and promote stable and healthy development of the health food industry.

Mr. Haiguo Xia pointed out that related enterprises in Lishui should firmly grasp the important opportunities of health care food filing management, continuously strengthen communication and opinions exchanges with the relevant regulation agencies, and actively took the advantages of Lishui's mushroom resources and excellent ecological environment and upgraded the industry and the green development in the local economy.

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