Biosan successfully attended the 10th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference


The 10th International Medicinal Conference, led by Professor Yu Li, Chairman of International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms and the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was successfully held at Alphay International Conference Center, in Nantong, China on September 19-22, 2019.  A lot of activities, such as the 297th Chinese Engineering Science and Technology Symposium - Forum on the fungal health industry, Professor Shu-Ting Chang’s academic thoughts seminar, the founding workshop of the health Industry branch and the Lingzhi Industry branch of the Mycological Society of China and so on, were held during the conference time. 10 Academicians and more than one thousand representatives from 43 countries and regions attended this Conference. Biosan joined the great event and gained a lot in exchanging with representatives of experts and enterprises on the technologies and products.


At the 297th Chinese Engineering Science and Technology Symposium---Forum for the Fungal Health Industry, many experts had the academic and prospective Thematic Discussion in multi-direction, multi-angel around the Fungal Health Industry, including the Academicians Xiu-Xin Deng, Xu Liu, Xian-Zhu Xia, Wei-Lun Yin, Yu Li, Jian Li, Tian-Lai Li, Fu-Liang Cao of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Academicians Fu Gao, Wen-Ying Zhuang of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


In the keynote report of the Conference, Professor S. P. Wasser, the honorary Chairman of International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms and editor in chief of “International Medicinal Mushroom” Journal, made the first keynote report. In the report of Professor Wasser, he introduced some international representative medicinal mushroom products. One of the products belonged to Mushroom Science Company, a partner of Biosan for a long time. In the academic exchange report of this Conference, some scholars took the test results from our company’s mushroom extracts as the representative of high quality extract products.


At this conference, eight academic topics were set up. The "Study on immmodulunoation and quality of life improvement of Ganoderma Lingzhi spore powder on Cancer patient", which was carried out by Chinese PLA General Hospital and Biosan, was invited to do the academic report on the special topic of clinical application of medicinal mushroom and participated in the selection of excellent papers. This study is the first multi-clinical center study of Ganoderma Lingzhi spore powder in China and attracted the representatives with the rigorous experimental design, scientific experimental data and good experimental results and gain one of the nine award-winning excellent papers among more than 300 papers. Academician Yu Li, Chairman of the Conference, personally presented the award to the outstanding papers representatives. Ms. Xingli Wang, CEO of Biosan, took the stage to receive the award.


28 enterprises participated in the professional exhibition set up by the Conference. As one of the six special decorating exhibition booths, Biosan exhibited dozens of export raw materials of organic medicinal mushroom powders and extracts from 14 varieties, such as Ganoderma Lingzhi, Lion’s mane, Maitake, Tremella, Cordyceps, Meshima, etc. as well as the finished products in domestic market such as Lingzhi wall-breaking spore powder of LVGUMINGZHU Brand, Lion’s Mane powdered drink and Maitake powdered drink. During his busy schedule, Academician Yu Li visited the exhibition and concerned about the development of the enterprises. Mr. Ziqiang Liu, Secretary-General of the Conference, and Weiming Cai, Professor of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, accompanied Academician Yu Li to visit our booth.


The Conference created a good communication platform for the industry. Industry leaders, such as Mr. Hui Chen---Chairman of Jiangsu Alphay Biological Technology Co.,Ltd, Mr. Jun Tao---Chairman of Gansu Junesun Fungi Company, Mr. Frankie---Chairman of Amazing Grace, a well-known Meshima enterprise in Thai and Dr. Ivan---the founder of Dr. Mykosan which is the first medicinal mushroom enterprisein in Europe, exchanged views with Professor Hongwei Qiu---Chairman of Biosan and Ms. Xingli Wang--CEO of Biosan. The conference representatives gave high praise in the quality of Biosan’s products after tasting our mushroom products on the spot.


Professor Shu-Ting Chang's academic thoughts Seminar was held in this Conference. Professor Shu-Ting Chang, a 92-year-old internationally renowned mushroom scientist, came from Australia to attend the Conference. He had been to be the director of Department of biology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Because of his contribuction, Zhejiang Qingyuan was regarded as the birthplace of artificial cultivation of Lentinus edodes and medicinal mushroom was recognized in the world. Ms. Xingli Wang, CEO of Biosan, met Professor Shu-Ting Chang at the first International Conference on Edible Mushroom Biology and Edible Mushroom Products held in Hong Kong in 1993. At the closing ceremony of this Conference, Prof. Chung was very happy to shake hands and take a group photo with Ms. Xingli Wang. Professor Shu-Ting Chang made an enthusiastic speech at the closing ceremony and he believed that the small mushroom was a gift from God and would bring health and longevity to mankind.


The Conference also held the Nantong Declaration activity of "Mushroom Health, We Are Acting". The Lingzhi Industry Branch and Health Industry Branch of the Mycological Society of China were set up. Through the consensus of industry development and implement the national strategy of "Healthy China", it promotes the high-quality development of edible and medicinal mushroom industry. Prof. Hongwei Qiu, Chairman of Biosan, was selected as the Committee member of Lingzhi Industry Branch and the Health Industry Branch of the Mycological Society of China.


The International Medicinal Mushroom Conference is one of the most influentially large-scale activities in the global edible and medicinal mushroom industry, regarded as “the Olympic Games of mushroom” with its high-standard, profession and internationality. It is a great platform for the international experts, scholars and industry people to exchange and interact with each other. It is the perfect combination of academia and industry. This Conference refreshed the IMMC past conferences with its high-level, high-standard and large-scale, which plays an important role in promoting the development of medicinal mushroom in the world.


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