Biosan participated in an inspection tour organized by the Zhejiang Edible Mushroom Association

On May 16, 2024, the Zhejiang Edible Mushroom Association organized an inspection tour for its members to Gutian County, Fujian Province, to conduct research on edible mushrooms. As a governing unit of the association, Biosan participated in this activity.

Gutian's unique ecological environment and long history of edible mushroom cultivation have made it the Mushroom Capital of China. The county cultivates 38 types of edible mushrooms, with Gutian accounting for 90% of China's Tremella production and 52% of the country's Lion's Mane mushroom production. Biosan established organic Tremella fuciformis and organic Lion's Mane mushroom bases in Gutian 10 years ago.

During this event, the group visited the Gutian Edible Mushroom Wholesale Market, the Gutian Edible Mushroom Museum, several edible mushroom cultivation and processing enterprises in Gutian, and the Institute of Edible Fungi at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. After the visits, the group also held discussions and exchanges with representatives from the Gutian Edible Mushroom Government Department, the Edible Mushroom Research Institute, and the Edible Mushroom Association.


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