Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd.(Biosan) held the annual conference successfully

On January 27, 2024, Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd.(Biosan) held the annual conference. The conference summarized the company’s work of 2023 and commended the excellent staffs and teams. 



Xingli Wang, president of Biosan,highly praised the achievements of Biosan in 2023, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to all employees for their efforts and dedication, and expected to Biosan to grow better in 2024. In conclusion, she extended the warmest Chinese New Year wishes to all staff members.



Hongwei Qiu, General Manager & CSO, presented the summary of Biosan's work in the production and operation, the quality management, the research and development, the brand promotion, and the internal construction throughout 2023. Additionally, he outlined the company's development plans for 2024. The representatives from various departments of the company reported their respective work plans and goals for the year 2024.



The 2023 outstanding individuals and teams were commended in the conference. 14 staffs were awarded as the Outstanding Employee, 6 staffs were received the Dedicated Service Award, and 3 staffs were honored for their Outstanding Contribution Award. The Finance Department, the Foreign Trade Department, and the Laboratory were all acclaimed as the Outstanding Teams. Representatives of the awardees delivered speeches expressing their gratitude and shared their insights and experiences.



The recognition ceremony resonated with continuous and enthusiastic applause, as the faces of the awardees lit up with joy and pride. This acknowledgment served as the best affirmation for their hard work and dedication over the past year. The award recipients expressed their commitment to continue working hard, striving for continuous improvement, and contributing even more to the company's development.



Following the summary and commendation, the dinner party began with dazzling lights illuminating the venue, and the air filled with continuous laughter and cheerful conversations. Colleagues showcased their talents with musical performances, singing, instrumental acts, word games, sign language performances, and a grand chorus, creating a splendid visual and auditory feast for everyone in attendance.



The genuine performances and positive interactions among the employees not only strengthened communication and friendship but also enhanced the collective sense of pride. It solidified the determination and confidence of the team to pursue shared dreams together. The event fostered a spirit of unity and cooperation, creating a memorable and uplifting atmosphere that will likely have a positive impact on the company's cohesion and motivation in the future.



As the harmonious chorus of "Unity is Strength" by all members of the production department echoed, the evening banquet concluded amidst laughter and joy. However, the joy and camaraderie forged during the event will forever remain in the hearts of everyone involved, symbolizing the enduring spirit of unity and teamwork within Biosan.



Standing at this new starting point, we are filled with confidence and anticipation for the future. In 2024, all colleagues of Biosan will maintain their high spirits, working with even greater enthusiasm and steadfast dedication. With a solid work ethic, we will strive to achieve the company's ambitious goals, collectively creating a brighter and more promising future!

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