Is this the secret to immortality? Chinese farmer claims to have found the legendary fungus that could help you live forever

A farmer from Liaoning, north-east China, has come into an unexpected bit of luck when he stumbled on a giant mushroom in the mountains near his home.

The enormous fungus, weighing a total of 70kg (11 stone), is a Tai Sui, or Ganoderma lucidum, a rare mushroom that's considered to be the medicine for immortality in traditional Chinese medicine, according to People's Daily Online.

At an average price of 10,000 Yuan (£1,000) for 500g (1.1lbs), the farmer is expected to make 1.4 million Yuan (£140,000) in total.

Around 30kg (4.7 stone) of the fungus has already been sold for a staggering 600,000 Yuan (£60,000) since March this year, when it was found.The farmer, named as Wang Chengde, has been keeping the fungus in giant buckets of cold water at his home.

He claims that the mushroom will grow on its own accord if he rips a piece off and that the water used to store the mushroom is also valuable.

It has been described by Chinese news site QQ as having multiple layers, ranging from a tough, yellow exterior to a delicate, pale cream interior.

The delicate interior is considered the most prized part and commands the highest prices.

Experts believe the growth is a rare combination of bacterial, molds and fungus, which normally grows on decaying wood.

Although variations of the mushroom has been used for medicinal purposes in China and Japan for more than two millennia, it's promise of longevity has never been officially proven.

However, some active compounds isolated from the mushroom were shown to have anti-cancer properties in human trials according to theNational Center for Biotechnology Information.

What's more, the legends that surround the mushroom's magical powers, which are supposed to help people live forever without getting old, means that it continues to be in demand today.

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