Immunity-boosting Mushroom Formula Products Launched

On Nov 7th 2020, the new products launching conference of Biosan was held in Hangzhou. Lvgumingzhu brand Maitake Lingzhi Capsule & Probiotics solid drink were launched on the conference and introduced as the new model immune nutrition products. 

Mr. Shu Zhongsheng, a famous program host of Zhejiang TV station made a speech at the conference. He shared his experience in the use of Lvgumingzhu brand reishi spore powder and maitake solid drink. More than 60 people, including Tencent News, Sohu News, Netease News and other well-known media, as well as relevant experts, distributors, and consumer representatives, attended the conference.

Biosan is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the development of high quality organic mushroom products. Lvgumingzhu Brand Maitake Lingzhi Capsule was jointly developed by Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co.,Ltd and Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 5 years of research and development, it was finally approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation. Lvgumingzhu brand probiotic solid drink was jointly developed by Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co.,Ltd. and Zhejiang Gongshang University based on the synergistic effect of probiotics and medicinal mushroom on the regulation of gut microbiota. Wang Xingli, the president of  Biosan made a speech on the conference.

Featured medicinal mushroom resources were used as the raw materials to develop Lvgumingzhu brand Maitake Lingzhi Capsule. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine based on Yin and Yang were considered as the evidence to develop this product. With the balance of Yin and Yang, we can reach the goal of immunity enhancement. The major raw materials, reishi and maitake came from Biosan's farm located in Longquan and Qingyuan. Longquan is the geographical indication area for reishi, reishi spore powder, while Qingyuan is the geographical indication area for maitake. Advanced technology such as membrane separation and low-temperature physical wall-broken technology were applied in the process. Dr. Liu Weiming, the Deputy General Manager of Biosan introduced the product development process on the conference.

The active components of the polysaccharides can reach 11.05grams/100grams, and the total triterpenes contents are higher than 1.35grams  in our Lvgumingzhu brand Maitake Lingzhi Capsule. There is no similar product on the market with the function of immunity boosting.

Lvgumingzhu Brand probiotics solid drink has it's own character. Organic Lion's mane powder is used as prebiotics, which is different from other sources of prebiotics, such as inulin and fruit powder. To use Lion's mane powder as the raw material will cost us more, but the product functions better on our stomach. Lvgumingzhu brand probiotics solid drink contains 8 kinds of prebiotics with more than 30 billion live bacteria on each bag.

On the conference, Biosan's CEO, Mr. Qiu Hongwei was invited to give a speech with the topic of Immunity and vitality. He explained the relationship between the immunity and vitality and emphasized the importance of supplementing immune nutrition products when the novel coronavirus is still out of control around the world.  There are a large number of scientific research data and clinical research at home and abroad to verify Reishi, Maitake and Lion's mane has the function in immunity boosting. Mushroom products help maintain the immune balance in the body and enhance the ability to fight diseases.

Our honored guests at the conference spoke highly of the quality of our Lvgumingzhu Brand Reishi spore powder, Maitake solid drink  and Lion's mane solid drink. They also showed great interests on our new products- Maitake Reishi capsule and probiotic solid drink.

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