Organic mushroom becomes more popular in the post-epidemic times

The Natural Products Expo West 2023 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in United States on March 8-12. It is the largest international annual exhibition in the field of functional food. Nearly 67,000 professional visitors registered this expo, and over 3000 enterprises around the world exhibited tens of thousands of natural foods, cosmetics and natural care products. Biosan attended the Expo and exhibited various kinds of organic mushroom powders and mushroom extracts, which are in line with the current consumers’ perception of health products and received much attention.

The epidemic has brought many sequelae to people's brain and mood. Brain health and sleep improvement products are hot spots in the Expo. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) play an important role in improving memory, relieving stress and regulating mood. The Lion’s mane extract, Reishi extract and Reishi spore powder from Biosan were highly favored by on-site visitors with the high content, no additives and naturally organic quality.

At this expo, new flavors functional beverages and flavourings have become new trends. Especially young people, they are more willing to try to develop natural foods with new flavors and health function ingredients. The organic Cordyceps militaris powder, organic Maitake powder and organic Shiitake powder with high vitamin D from Biosan were highly appreciated by the on-side audiences.

The COVID-19 epidemic has taught people to pay more attention to ecological balance and environmental protection. Enterprises and consumers have paid more attention to low-carbon, environmentally friendly and renewable natural products. Mushrooms are environmentally friendly health products that do not compete with people for food, with food for land. They make waste into treasure and maintain health. Also, some multinational companies in the industry began to pay attention to this field, and communicated with Biosan at the expo.

This expo further enhanced the international position of Biosan as the benchmark of high-quality mushroom products, strengthened the confidence in expanding the international market, and provided new ideas and directions for innovative products.

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