Mushroom Powder and Algae Trend in 2018

Europeans are eager to experiment with new ingredients, according to a report from Mintel. Researchers found that 41 percent of Italian consumers enjoy experimenting, while 38 percent of Polish, 35 percent of German, 32 percent of French, and 21 percent of Spanish consumers said the same.

As consumers continue to be interested in health-promoting foods, the Chaga mushroom is attracting attention. The medicinal mushroom is a source of beta-glucans, antioxidants, and some B vitamins. The fungus can be turned into a powder and brewed into a tea-like beverage. It can be called an adaptogen, or a substance that helps the body cope with stress.

Meanwhile, green banana flour may appeal to consumers who are seeking more gluten-free options, and amino-acid rich hemp seeds are emerging as a source of clean label plant protein. Blue algae or spirulina may also trend in 2018 as an eye-catching way to color food and drinks.

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