Biosan's New Product Launch: Mushroom Protein Powder

As people grow older and exercise less, people’s muscles will gradually weaken, prone to “ sarcopenia”, which is more pronounced in the elderly, causing inconvenience in mobility, severely affecting their quality of life, and even shortening their lives. In response to this health problem, the 2020 Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology has established a project to support the “Serial Sarcoidosis Comprehensive Intervention Technology and Product Development”, which were led by Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

Zhejiang Biosan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as the sub-project undertaking unit of “ Research on the Development and Manufacturing of Functional Foods of Edible for Sarcoidosis”, participated in this work, and carried out the research and development of functional foods of edible fungi that can promote muscle growth. 

Since the establishment of the project, the scientific research team of Zhejiang Biosan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has determined the formula and process technology of the new product according to the key amino acid requirements for human muscle tissue growth after conducting comparative analysis and testing of the amino acid composition and structural characteristics of different mushroom proteins under the leadership of our researcher, Dr Qiu Hongwei. Meanwhile, Biosan has obtained the production license in accordance with the Chinese national sports nutrition food standards and specifications, and finally launched the protein supplement sports nutrition food to the market.

The mushroom protein powder produced by Biosan is composed of Cordyceps militaris, Grifola frondosa, shiitake mushroom and soybean isolated protein, which are scientifically proportioned. Cordyceps militaris, Grifola frondosa, and shiitake mushrooms are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also can improve blood cells to carry nutrients, enhance the ability of muscles to produce energy, and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body during exercise. ( Original Research Communication, 2020)

A clinical study jointly conducted by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom and the University of Texas in the United States showed that the protein synthesis rate of healthy young males who consume mycoprotein is more than twice that of young people who consume milk protein.

 (Original Research Communication,2020) 

Protein is an essential and important substance that contributes to the formation and development of body tissues. The human body needs protein on a daily basis, yet it cannot store protein in the body. Excess protein needs to be metabolized by the kidneys every day, so it is harmful to consume too much protein, even more so if you consume too much animal-based protein. For Biosan’s mushroom protein powder, we recommend that you take 15-20 grams per serving to meet your body's protein intake needs.

Biosan’s mushroom protein powder could meet the protein supplement needs of different people, such as fitness people, the elderly, vegetarians, and people with lactose intolerance. For fitness people who need to build muscle, we recommend that you take this product 5 or 10 minutes before exercise to improve the effectiveness of your workout. As for people who need to lose weight, you can take it after exercise to replenish the body's protein needs while also enhancing satiety to avoid overeating. 

Source: Mycoprotein ingestion stimulates protein synthesis rates to a greater extent than milk protein in rested and exercised skeletal muscle of healthy young men: a randomized controlled trial, Retrieved

from by guest on 21 July 2020

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