Cosmetic mechanisms of Ganoderma lucidum and its development in cosmetics

WANG Qian, ZHANG Jia-chan, WANG Chang-tao, AN Quan

(1. Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Food Nutrition and Human Health, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing 100048, China;

2. Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd., Kunming, Yunnan 650504, China)

Abstract: The differences of components of Ganoderma lucidum from different origins, different growth conditions, different species and parts were summarized. The molecular mechanisms and the cosmetic brands and ingredients containing Ganoderma lucidum at the current stage were outlined in this review. Then, we pointed out its development defects and technical deficiencies in the market through the above analysis. This review aims to lay a certain theoretical foundation for the application of Ganoderma lucidum in cosmetics.

Key words: cosmetics additives; Ganoderma lucidum ; application

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