Tremella Blooming

Tremella, commonly known as snow fungus, is a type of jelly fungus known for its unique and attractive appearance, often described as blooming due to its flower-like shape.

Our Organic Lion’s Mane Base

The Lion’s mane is not only regarded as the mushroom of memory in the west, but also regarded as the mushroom of digestion in the east. Lion’s mane has been recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia as a medicine for stomach and intestines. In 1959, China made a success in the artificial cultivation of Lion’s man. We began to cultivate the organic Lion’s mane in 2002. Here the video shows the cultivation of the Lion’s mane in our organic mushroom base.

Our organic Reishi Base

Reishi, called “Lingzhi” in China, has been used as a herb medicine for thousands of years in China. The earliest record of Reishi is in Shennong Material Medica (Herbal Pharmacopoeia) about 5000 years ago in the ancient China, and regarded as the herb of God. Modern medicine study confirmed Reishi can prevent a lot of chronic diseases, and the market for Reishi constantly increased. We set up the Reishi cultivation base in Longquan, the hometown of Reishi in China. We imitate the Reishi growing conditions are similar to the growing of the Reishi in the wild. Please see the video.

Our organic Cordyceps militaris base

Cordyceps has been used as a tonic medicine in ancient China for thousands of years. The Cordyceps sinensis is growing on insects, and the Cordyceps militaris is growing on rice or wheat. The health benefits of these two varieties are the similar. Here we show you how to grow the Cordyceps militaris.

Our organic Maitake base

Grifola frondosa, also known as maitake, looks like coral. It is a mushroom that can be used as food and medicine. It has good health care effect, especially in the balance of body immune system and antivirus. In 1982, Maitake was successfuly cultivated in Qingyuan China, and Qingyuan regarded as the best place to grow Maitake in China. We set up the organic maitake base in Qingyuan. How was the maitake cultivated? This video takes you into our organic Maitake base to learn about it!

Our organic Shiitake base

Shiitake is the most popular mushroom in China, it is delicious and nutritious, and has a lot of health benefits. The cultivation of Shiitake dated about 800 years ago in Qingyuan China, Qingyuan is regarded as the origin of the artificial cultivation of Shiitake in the world. Our Shiitake base is in Qingyuan, this video show you how to grow the Shiitake in our base.

Our organic Tremella Base

Tremella fuciformis, also known as snow fungus or snow ear, and has the reputation of "the crown of mushrooms". Tremella fuciformis is traditionally used in sweet dishes in China. Tremella fuciformis extract is used in women's beauty products from China, Korea, and Japan. The fungus reportedly increases moisture retention in the skin, reducing wrinkles and smoothing fine lines. Other anti-aging effects come from increasing the presence of superoxide dismutase in the brain and liver; it is an enzyme that acts as a potent antioxidant throughout the body, particularly in the skin. Tremella fuciformis is also known in Chinese medicine for nourishing the lungs. In China, Gutian is regarded as the hometown of Tremella fuciformis. The video show the Tremella cuitivation in our base in Gutian China.

Production of Cordyceps militaris powder with the high quality

Cordyceps militaris powder is a popular superfood, it is good for your lung and kidney. Only the high quality powder of Cordyceps militaris will make body feel better. In our factory, we strictly control every process to ensure the high quality of Cordyceps miliatris powder. The founder of Biosan, Ms Xingli Wang shows you how to make the Cordyceps militairs with the high quality.

Production of Reishi powder with the high quality

Reishi is a kind of mushroom with the high fiber in its fruiting body. The traditional crushing can not make it into the fine powder. Here we use the low temperature shear breaking technology to make the Reishi powder with the high quality. The founder of Biosan, Ms Xingli Wang shows you the whole process to make the Reishi powder with the high quality.

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