Antibacterial activities ofHericium erinaceum against Helicobacter pylori in vitro(2010)


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Approximately tWO—thirds of the world’S population is infected with Helicobacter pylori,among them,about 10%will be illness.H pylori causes chronic active, chronic persistent,and atrophic gastritis in adults and children.Infection with H pylori also causes duodenal and gastric ulcers。 In a large mwnber of clinical practices,the Houtou tablet:a traditional Chinese medicine made from the mycelia of Hericiwn erinaceum whose fruiting bodies have been used as Chinese medicine or food in Japan and China,show the effectiveness in treating ulcer,inflammation and tumor of the alimentary carlal while be administrated alone or combined with other chemical medicines.Whether the H.erinaceum has the activity of the anti.H pylori is unclear.In this study,we illustrated that the compounds of ergosterol,hericerin and two novel hericenones K&L,isolated from the fruiting body of H.erinaceum,are cable of inhibiting the H. pylori growth in vitro.


The ethanol extracts from the fruiting bodies of H.erinaceum,the fermentations of H.erinaceum,the Houtou tablets and various other edible mushroom fruiting bodies were assessed for their antibacterial activities against the pathogens of H.pylori ATCC43504,H.pylori SSl,Staphylococcus aureus CMCC 26003,Escherichia coli CMCC 44103 and E.coli ATCC 25922 in vitro using mycelial disc diffusion,well diffusion and agar microdilution assays.At the 10mg/mL,only the extracts from the fruiting bodies of H.erinaceum and Ganoderma lucidium exhibited activities against both s.aureus CMCC 26003 and H.pylori ATCC43504、SS1、and extracts from Cordyceps militaris,Pleurotus eryngii,Agrocybe aegerita,Lentinula edodes,Agaricus blazei,Pleurotus ostreatus,Coprinus comams,Grifola frondosa,Phellinus igniarius and Hypsizygus marmoreus against H.pylori ATCC43504,SSl,while none of them against E.coli.Minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC)of the further EtOAc extracts from the ethanol extracts of H.erinaceum fruiting bodies against H pylori ATCC43504,H.pylori SSl and S.aureus CMCC 26003 were determined to be <1mg/mL,<1mg/mL and 4-8mg/mL respectively,the further refmed extracts of fermentation broths of H.erinaceum be <1mg/mL,<1.4mg/mL and 1-2mg/mL respectively,and ethanol extracts of the tablets to be 5mg/mL,5mg/mL and 1 0mg/mL respectively.All these extracts shown the stronger antibacterial activities against H.pylori than against S.aureus.The ethanol extracts of the other Toutou tablets and the crude polysaccrides of H.erinaceum failed at the concentrations of 10mg/mL and 22.5mg/mL respectively.Though almost all(20/22) strains of H.erinaceum tested can inhibit the growth of H.pylori ATCC43504,only mycelia or fermentations from the middle growth stage exhibit the stronger antibacterial activities of H. erinaceum against H.pylori,indicating its characteristic of growing time dependent.Two novel hericenones,named hericenone K and hericenone L,were isolated from the fruiting bodies of H.erinaceum by bioactivity-guided fractionation and their structures were determined based on spectral data,besides the known compounds of ergosterol,hericerin and hericenone A.For the first time,hericerin and the mixture of hericenone K&L had been found having  the activity of anti-H.pylori ATCC43504 at the MIC of 2.5-5mg/mL.0.25-0.5mg/mL and<0.3mg/mL in vitro respectively.Preliminary data also showed these compounds can inhibit the growth of the leukemia cells L 1210.


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