For an extract, does the higher extraction ratio mean the better of the extract?

In the past, producers didn’t know how to test the active compounds of the extract, they proposed the concept of the extract ration to indicate the quality of the extract, the higher the extraction ration means the more concentrated the extract. Scientifically the extract ratio has only limited value as a measure for the quality of the extract. Without analytical testing of active compounds, there's no way to know whether a 15:1 extract is more concentrated than an 8:1 extract, and the same extract ratio of the two extracts may have completely different levels of active compounds.

There is individualization among organisms. The mushroom from the different places and the different cultivation will result in the different inactive compounds, and the different extraction processes will also result in the difference in the quality of extract. The good extraction process will get more active compounds than the poor extraction process from the same mushroom raw material. Extract ratios can also be misrepresented. For example, fresh mushrooms are typically 90% water, so the wet to dry ratio is 10:1. Some products use this ratio saying their products are a 10:1 extract (10kg of fresh mushrooms = 1kg of powder) when in reality it's just a 1:1 (1kg of dried mushrooms = 1kg of powder). 

With science development, we know how to test the active compounds of different mushrooms. Using the scientifically verified active compounds is a good measure of the quality of the extract. For example, beta-glucan is the common active compound in most mushrooms, and different mushrooms also have other active compounds, such as reishi, it also includes the triterpenes, and cordyceps has cordycepins etc.

Without analytical testing of active compounds and starch measurements to show purity, extract ratios have limited value to show mushroom extract quality. A higher extract ratio does not equal higher potency. Currently, there are still some producers using the extraction ratio in their products, it just represents the name of the products for the consumers, because the consumers have been used to accepting the product name.


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